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 wardrobe & creative direction

styled by
lauren love

Photographed By: Kate Dannenmaier


01 About

Hi, Lauren Love here. My pronouns are she/her/hers.

In my mind gender is much more than our anatomy. Our traits make us uniquely individual. How one acts is not contingent on our genitalia. Being clean doesn't make you a woman and being tough doesn't make you a man. If you are like me you are in touch with both the masculine and feminine energy that lives in us all. 

With that being said, I utilize fashion to encourage people to find what makes them comfortable. Even if that may defy normality in the eyes of society. That looks like a woman wearing that pair of shorts even though it was made for a "man". Or a man wearing that shirt that was made for a "woman".


If you are not hurting yourself or anyone else, why not?

Currently, I am focused on cultivating a fulfilled life with meaningful interactions, as well as, experiences.

That sense of wholeness comes into play when I am making art and talking to people about what brings them joy.

Brainstorming ways to express an idea artistically is my specialty. Inclusion, visibility, and sustainability are 

the pillars of each project.

To inspire a lively life full of discovery, healing & unity

is the purpose of it all.  

Always advocating for a more conscious life by styling

upcycled vintage. 

Timeless, classic, and eccentric is what I want people to feel when they see my wardrobe styling and art direction projects.

I would love to co-create editorial/lookbook media with you and for your brand. Whether you are a content creator looking to capture new experiences for your audience, a fashion line launching new pieces, or a band looking for someone to create visuals for the mood of a new album... I am your lady.

Drop me a line in the contact section if this sounds like something you are interested in exploring.


Photographed By: Monique Rodriguez


02 Portfolio


03 Press & Media

Music Videos

Featuring Ladi Earth & DVMA
Lead Stylist

By Alesia Lani Featuring G - Jet
Lead Stylist

Austin, TX
Anon Magazine


04 Runway

Recently I have discovered my love for the runway. There is a flow of fashion and this is the space to see garments before they land on the editorial pages. I have had the pleasure of working backstage for a few productions and look forward to adding more brands/designers/shows to my growing roster. 

Fall 2021 Backstage Dresser

SZN III Haute Houston Fashion Show, Chateau Cocomar

Houston, Texas

Fall 2021 Backstage Dresser

La Dolce Vita Fashion Show, River Oaks Country Club

Houston, Texas


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