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Lauren Love - XME2U - Headshot.jpg
Photographed By: Monique Rodriguez

          Welcome to my sartorial realm! I am Lauren Love, a seasoned wardrobe stylist renowned for my expertise in curating captivating ensembles that seamlessly blend timeless elegance with avant-garde design. My creative journey spans both in-studio and on-location productions, where I meticulously craft narratives through fashion.


          My commitment to sustainability and ethics forms the foundation of my stylistic philosophy, making vintage a cornerstone of my repertoire. Each garment carries a rich history, weaving a tapestry of sustainable fashion that transcends fleeting trends. As a steward of conscious couture, I strive to redefine the boundaries of style while championing ethical practices within the fashion industry.


          What sets my heart ablaze is witnessing the metamorphosis of my clients as they step into the kaleidoscope of my creations. The magic happens when they radiate confidence and catch a glimpse of their transformed selves in the mirror. It's this transformative journey, this evolution that fuels my passion for the art of designer styling.


          Join me on a voyage where fashion is not just an expression; it's an evolution. Together, let's explore the boundless possibilities of self-discovery through the lens of exquisite design and conscious style. Dress impeccably, and live passionately.

Your Stylist Bestie, 


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