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So you're a fashion babe...

And you want to book a #styledbylaurenlove fashion service. Well then, you are in the right place. I made a cute little checklist for you, just to set expectations. If you are like me then you want to know what's ahead so you can better prepare and curb your anticipation.

  1. To receive the intake form contact me directly.

    1. website: contact page

    2. social media direct message

  2. Book the suggested service. The intake form gives me more details about your fashion needs. With that information, I will be able to tell you which fashion service will best suit your needs.

  3. Fill out the size chart. Some people think they know their sizes until they need to write them down. The best thing to do if you don't know how to take your measurements is to look up "How To Measure Your Body Using A Measuring Tape" on YouTube or look at your best-fitting garments and write down the corresponding sizes. This will be helpful when looking for garments.

  4. You have a little bit of fun homework. If you haven't already start a Pinterest account and create a board with your dream wardrobe inspiration. If you are looking for more specific pieces, add those references to the board as well.

  5. Schedule a one-on-one with me. This can be virtual or in person. We will talk about your fashion goals and set expectations.

  6. Sleep well the night before and eat a well-balanced meal before the session. This will help your overall mood and give your body the fuel you need to focus on our session.

  7. Share feedback before, during, and after the service. Let me know how you are feeling throughout the process. I am always going to do my best to make you feel comfortable and accommodate your needs as long as they are within reason.

  8. Let's have fun and play dress up! Tap into that child-like joy. Who doesn't enjoy a little serotonin & dopamine energy? If you have an open heart and mind this will be an unforgettable experience.

  9. Leave a glowing Google review. <3 If it is placed in your heart, of course. You know what, I have been a wardrobe stylist since 2015 and I just found out that I can have a Google review page without having a physical location. So, thank you in advance!

This is a general list and there may be some variation depending on the fashion needs of each client. Let me know what else want to know about next! Also, if you have any other questions that want like me to answer, just tell me, I'm here to help!



P.S. If you like the layout of the to-do list, check out

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