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🌸 Spring is Here!

It's official! 🌸

I am celebrating by offering a seasonal special for all you fashion lovers who want to take your project or personal look to the next level. 

Do you need an unbiased fashion opinion? I am here to offer support via honest, yet tactful feedback. 

As a professional wardrobe dresser and stylist, I will teach and tell you about the proper fit of a garment.

—and yes, I work with women and men. 😌 

The following fashion services will be available for the buy one hour for $99, get one-hour complementary deal:

Art Direction

Wardrobe Styling

Personal Shopping

Photoshoot Styling

Production Assistance

Strategic Problem Solving

Creative Project Management


To book a session:

> Visit my website 

> Click ‘book’

> Select’Spring Styling Special’ 

> Select the date/time 

> Specify fashion needs in the ‘add your message box’

Sessions are available now! 🌼


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